How to Get Your License


Washington State Licensing Requirements

New Real Estate License Law

As of July 1, 2010, Washington's new license law took effect. Under this law, a salesperson became a broker, and a broker became a managing broker.


To qualify for a broker’s license, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Successfully complete 90 hours of approved real estate education within 2 years before applying for the exam. This education must include:
    • A 60-hour course in Real Estate Fundamentals.
    • A 30-hour course in Real Estate Practices.
  • Pass the broker’s exam.

For a list of approved real estate education, see the Real Estate Education Course Catalog.

How to apply for a license

If you passed the broker’s exam after June 30, 2010:

  1. Complete the Real Estate License Application, following the instructions on the form.
  2. Take the fingerprint card you received at the testing center to any fingerprinting service approved by the Washington State Patrol, and have your fingerprints taken. For details about getting your fingerprints taken, see VideoReal Estate Fingerprinting Requirements and Tips.
    • Each fingerprinting service sets its own fee, and you’ll be required to pay them when you get your fingerprints taken.
    • Be sure to include your completed fingerprint card with your application. If your application doesn’t include a completed fingerprint card, it is incomplete and we can’t process it.
    • Don’t fold the fingerprint card when you submit it, or your fingerprints will have to be retaken.
  3. Submit your completed application and fingerprint card with a check or money order for the fees (payable to the Department of Licensing):
    • By mail to:
      Real Estate Licensing
      Department of Licensing
      PO Box 3917
      Seattle, WA 98124-3917
    • In person at our Olympia office (2000 4th Ave W).

If you have a license in another state:

  1. Request a certified license history from the real estate licensing agency in the state where you’re currently licensed.
    • If you’ve had an active license in the previous 6 months, you’ll only be required to take the Washington State portion of the licensing exam.
    • If you qualify, we’ll waive the education requirements.
  2. Submit your license history with a cover letter that includes your mailing address:
    • By mail to:
      Real Estate Licensing
      PO Box 9021
      Olympia, WA 98507
    • In person at our Olympia office (2000 4th Ave W).

License expiration

Your broker’s license will expire 2 years after it is issued.

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